Cariboutdoor presents the Grenada Outdoor App, a comprehensive digital travel guide of Pure Grenada, the Spice Isle of the Caribbean

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Your digital travel guide and map of Grenada

Carefully selected sites and information, thoughtfully categorized, for culturally interested and active visitors.

Agriculture and agro-processing

Agro-processing industry of cocoa, nutmegs and spices

Culture And Heritage

Historic sites, distilleries, forts, Amerindian Petroglyphs

Estates and Great Houses

Days of slavery spoken through the ruins of estates and plantation houses and slave pens


The best beaches in Grenada and other leisurely outdoor activities

Sports and Outdoors

Hiking, surfing spots, snorkeling, diving


Lakes, waterfalls

The best digital map with the best recommendations

Cariboutdoor thanks everyone who has contributed to this App Guide and wishes its users loads of fun adventures in this Pure Grenada. We want you to experience everything that our beautiful island has to offer, bringing you closer to what we consider the real grenadian experience. Lace up your hiking shoes and discover the lush rainforest, lakes, sulphur springs and waterfalls. Visit cocoa plantations and find out how our grenadian cocoa farmers grow cocoa and produce organic chocolate in a substainable way. Visit Great Houses, Estates and Slave Pens and experience the days of slavery firsthand. Let the Petroglyphs at Duquense and Mt. Rich take you back to the days when native amerindian tribes inhabited the island.

There is so much to experience. Download our free App Guide and get going!

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